Creating a Mycelial Tropical Network

Working With Fungi Enthusiasts All Over the Tropics

We collaborate with anyone interested in fungi all over the tropics.

Backyard Regeneration

We are the new generation of young folks ushering in a the regenerative paradigm. We offer education on regenerative agriculture, fungi, and composting.

Harvest Garden Hawai'i

You sit back, relax, go to the beach, sip on a drink, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We’ll care for the garden.

Spawn Supplier and Mycology Supplies Provider


Hawai'i Fungi Project

The Hawaiʻi Fungi Project is an organized effort actively working towards identifying, DNA sequencing, mapping, & monitoring of the mushrooms that grow in Hawaiʻi Nei. The project is making huge contributions towards preserving the native intelligence of the fungi that inhabit the islands with grants & donations.