Thank you all for attending our last identification & low-tech mushroom cultivation workshop last month! We were so stoked that participants found over a dozen different species of fungi at the workshop even after such a prolonged dry spell!

Culinary & medicinal fungi found included: Snow Fungi, Paddy Straws, Cloud Ear, & Fan-Shaped Jelly Fungus.

Fan-Shaped Jelly Fungus

Fan-Shaped Jelly Fungus

Medicinal fungi found included: Bloody Polypores & Northern Cinnabar Polypores.

Bloody Polypore on wood

Bloody Polypore

Poisonous fungi found included Flowerpot Parasols & Onion Earthballs.

Onion Earthabll

Onion Earthball

Curious & beautiful fungi found included: Tinypores, Bird’s Nest Fungi, various Stinkhorns including Sea Anemone Stinkhorns, Split Gills, & Spring Polypores.Stinkhorn Egg

Stinkhorn Egg

An update on our low-tech project we created together: several of the spent coffee grounds & used cardboard oyster spawn jars have fully myceliated & have just now been set up for fruiting mushrooms!!!

jars myceliated

oyster myceliated spent coffee ground jars

Thanks to Chef Nicot for slicing & dicing that mountain of cloud ear fungus!

cloud ear fungus meal

Cloud Ear Fungus meal by Chef Nicot

See you all at our next workshops!